Professionally Whiter Teeth in Just Minutes!


Have you ever wished for a professionally whiter, brighter smile just like Hollywood’s biggest celebrities? Don’t want to pay the hefty price tag? Are you tired of being let down by strips, toothpastes, and other gels of the past?

Look No Further, HD White Light is the
Future of Teeth Whitening

Dental office technology is now available to you at home. Achieve up to 6 shades
whiter after just one application!

Using the same LED technology and dental-grade pH-optimized whitening gel found in dental offices, HD White Light is made with both quality and innovation. Formulated to fight sensitivity, HD White Light is perfectly safe to use at home, day after day.


LED teeth whitening systems are quickly gaining popularity on the internet as A-list celebrities are sharing their teeth whitening secrets on social media. What makes it so popular is the magical power that is the plasma LED light. When paired with our professional dental gel, the LED light gently warms the gel to effectively accelerate the whitening process.

With the use of the plasma LED light, the whitening power will not only remove surface stains, but can also penetrate deeper to lift tougher stains and give you pearly white teeth. Use HD White Light as often as you’d like to achieve the results you want!

Easy To Use. Instant Results.
Professionally White Smile.

Extremely simple to use, HD White Light whitening gel comes ready in syringes for easy application. With thermoplastic mouth trays, you can trim and mold your trays to fit perfectly for ultimate comfort, banishing gum sensitivity. Also included is a remineralization gel for after-whitening treatments to further protect your teeth from any sensitivity.

To whiten your teeth with professional results, first you apply the whitening gel to your custom mouth trays and apply that to your teeth. Then you add the plasma LED light and in just 15 minutes, you’ll have a dazzling celebrity-like white smile! Yes! It’s THAT EASY!


The Home Teeth Whitening System You
Can Buy!

When you buy HD White Light, it is guaranteed that you won’t be wasting your time with products that are not professional dental quality. You will visibly see results within minutes!

The future of teeth whitening – HD White Light – is your best choice for instantly whiter teeth, longer lasting results, zero sensitivity, and a super sparkly smile!

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